Aria “Punissons Psiché de sa gloire”, recorded together with Ensemble Lautenwerk







from the new CD RIONS NOIR:

Triste plaisir et douloureuse joye -Gilles Binchois






Out of: The Open Road  by Kate Moore

(lyrics:Walt Whitman)





Whoever you are come forth by Kate Moore

To that which is endless by Kate Moore




out of: Hours of Hildegard

Antiphona O magne Pater (part)

by Hildegard von Bingen

recorded with Psallentes




Daral Shaga – scene 5

music by Kris Defoort, Libretto by Laurent Gaudé

Maciej Straburzynski-bass, Fabian Fiorini – piano, Lode Verkampt – cello, Jean-Philippe Poncin – clarinets; LIVE-recording by Marc Combas





out of ELECTRA’s CD/DVD: Able to be

The Weathering: Donnacha Dennehy, out of The Weathering (2004)

For voice, electric violin, recorder & percussion Recorded by ELECTRA Taken from: Able to be, ELECTRA, Attaca records_



Aria:  Tutto in pianto – by Joseph I.

Michaela Riener – soprano, Markus Springer – discant chalumeau, Ernst Schlader – basson du chalumeau, Mario Aschauer – organ, CALAMUS CONSORT