Date Artist City Venue Country
03/12/22 Silbersee Amsterdam Concertgebouw Netherlands
Time: 8:15pm. Harmony of the Spheres More information
16/12/22 M is for Man, Music, Mozart – Andriessen Den Haag Amare Netherlands
Time: 7:00pm. Pop-Up concert with Ensemble Klang
18/12/22 And here I am a lonely woman Amsterdam Tolhuistuin Netherlands
Time: 7:30pm. with writer Sholeh Wolpe More information
22/12/22 M is for Man, Music, Mozart – Andriessen Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan het Ij Netherlands
Time: 9:00pm. pop-Up concert with Ensemble Klang
23/12/22 Residentie Orkest Den Haag Nieuwe Kerk Netherlands
Time: 8:15pm. Kerstmuziek More information

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